Garmin Forerunner 945 Music Premium GPS Running / Triathlon Smartwatch Tri-Bundle - Blue
Garmin Forerunner 945 Music Premium GPS Running / Triathlon Smartwatch Tri-Bundle - Blue

Garmin Forerunner 945 Music Premium GPS Running / Triathlon Smartwatch Tri-Bundle - Blue

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Product Highlights
  • Wireless Bluetooth Music Playback
  • Play Files or Stream Online Services
  • HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim Monitors Included
  • Wrist-Based Heart Rate Sensor
  • VO2 Max Monitoring and Pulse Ox Sensor
  • Up to 2-Week Battery Life in Watch Mode
  • 10-Hr Battery Life in GPS Mode & Music
  • GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo Tracking
  • Full-Color On-Screen Maps
  • Supports Garmin Pay

Whether you're training for the next triathlon or taking the stairs at work, the Forerunner 945 Music GPS Running/Triathlon Smartwatch Bundle from Garmin is designed to be with you every step of the way. The Forerunner 945 is engineered to not just track stats and goals, such as distance and time, but also your health. It features a wrist-based heart rate and Pulse Ox sensor and monitors your VO2 max. This bundle also includes wearable HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim monitors for tracking heart rate while running and swimming and additional running stats when paired with the smartwatch.

In addition to performance and achievement tracking, the Forerunner 945 offers some practical benefits as well. With built-in support for three satellite navigation systems, GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo, you can use on-screen maps to keep you on track while training our out hiking.

Wherever your travels take you, the Forerunner 945 is designed to make it an enjoyable experience with streaming audio. Whether you enjoy music or audiobooks, pair optional Bluetooth headphones, and listen to streaming services via your smartphone, or play files directly from the Forerunner. It can support up to 1000 audio tracks.

Track Your Health
The Forerunner 945 has multiple methods of keeping tabs on your health and how your workouts benefit you. It tracks VO2 max, allowing for heat and altitude adjustments, helping you determine your aerobic endurance. You also get feedback on the aerobic and anaerobic benefits of your training.

Your heart rate is also tracked via a built-in wrist sensor, and a Pulse Ox wrist sensor monitors your blood oxygen saturation. The essential readings work on building up your ability to handle high endurance activities. Finally, training load and recovery time, which are designed to give you feedback on the volume of your exercise, tell you when you'll likely be ready to exercise again. To determine your training load, the Forerunner compares the last 7 days of activity against the optimal range for your fitness and recent training history.

HRM-TRI & HRM-Swim Included
The HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim are included wearable monitors that are designed to give you detailed heart rate data when running or swimming. This data can then be forwarded to your Forerunner 945 when finished. With the HRM-Tri, you can get additional running metrics when using it in conjunction with the Forerunner 945.

HRM-Tri: The adjustable strap and lightweight monitor are designed to be comfortable during workouts. The additional running metrics gained when using this with the Forerunner are cadence, stride length, ground contact time, ground contact time balance, vertical oscillation, and vertical ratio.
HRM-Swim: This strap and lightweight sensor are specifically designed for swimmers. It's designed to be non-slip and stable, even during wall push-offs.

Garmin Coach
Supporting Garmin Connect, this sports smartwatch allows you to download and sync free workouts and adaptive training plans right to the watch. The plans feature guidance from expert coaches and adapt themselves to your specific goals. They are ideal ways to add variety to your training regime.

Activity Profiles
Built-in profiles let you switch up your exercises with support for indoor and outdoor running, indoor and outdoor cycling, pool or open water swimming, cross-country skiing, paddle sports, trail or treadmill running, and much more. With the push of a button, you can quickly switch between exercises, which are ideal for du/triathlon training.

Body Battery
The Forerunner 945 collects data to give you a Body Battery measurement, which gauges how much energy you're likely to have at a given moment.

Sleep and Stress Tracking
In addition to all-day stress tracking, the Forerunner 945 will monitor your sleep. It monitors your total sleep and any periods of movement or restful sleep.

Full-Color Mapping
When utilizing the built-in GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo tracking abilities of the Forerunner 945, you can conveniently view your position on the watch with full-color maps. There's also the Trendline feature that compares your location with the billions of miles of Garmin Connect data to find the best trails and routes.

Stay Connected
Pair the Forerunner 945 with your smartphone and you'll gain the ability to stay connected with the outside world while working out. Receive text messages, social media updates, emails, and more right on your wrist.

Garmin Pay
With support for Garmin Pay, you can workout light by leaving your wallet at home or in the car but still have the ability to make purchases; just tap the Forerunner 945 to a Garmin Pay-compatible reader at participating locations: a convenient way to grab an extra water or post-run snack.

Safety Tracking
When paired with your smartphone, you can use the safety-tracking feature to share your location with specific contacts. If you are lost, hurt, or otherwise in need of help, you can use this feature to manually contact someone. There is also built-in incident detection that can contact someone for you automatically when triggered.

Connect IQ Store Support
Access the Connect IQ Store to customize your Forerunner 945 with more personality and functionality. Download apps, widgets, watch faces, and more.

Clock Features
GPS time sync
Automatic daylight-saving time
Alarm clock
Sunrise/sunset times

Garmin Elevate wrist heart rate monitor
Barometric altimeter
Pulse Ox

Daily Smart Features
Text response/reject phone call with text (Android Only)
Smartphone music control
Watch music control
Find My Phone
Find My Watch
VIRB camera remote support

Safety and Tracking Features
Incident detection during select activities via smartphone pairing
Assistance via smartphone pairing
Group LiveTrack
Live event sharing (Android Only)

Activity Tracking Features
Step counter
Move bar to motivate after a period of inactivity
Auto goal assignment
Calories burned
Floors climbed
Distance traveled
Intensity minutes
Move IQ
Fitness age

Gym and Fitness Equipment Features
Activity profiles for strength, cardio, elliptical, stair stepping, indoor rowing, and yoga
Automatic rep counting

Training, Planning, and Analysis Features
GPS speed and distance
Customizable data pages
Customizable activity profiles
Auto pause
Interval training
Advanced workouts
Auto lap
Manual lap
Configurable lap alerts
Training status (lets you see if you're training effectively by tracking your training history and fitness level trend)
Customizable alerts
Audio prompts
Finish time
Virtual partner
Race an activity
Auto and manual multisport activities
Course guidance
Segments (Live, Garmin)
Strava features (Beacon, live segments)
Round-trip course creator (running/cycling)
Touch and/or button lock
Hot keys
Auto scroll
Activity history on watch
Physio TrueUp

Heart Rate Features
HR zones, alerts, and calories
% HR max
Auto max HR
HR broadcast (broadcasts HR data over ANT+ to paired devices)
Compatible with included HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim accessories

Running Features
Running, treadmill running, indoor track running, and trail running profiles
GPS-based distance, time and pace
Cadence (provides real-time number of steps per minute)
Performance condition (after running 6-20 minutes, compares your real-time condition to your average fitness level)
Run workouts
Race predictor
Foot pod capable

Golfing Features
Preloaded with 41,000 courses worldwide
Yardage to F/M/B (distance to front, middle and back of green)
Yardage to layups/doglegs
Automatically measures shot distance (calculates exact yardage for shots from anywhere on course)
Digital scorecard
Stat tracking (strokes, putts per round, greens and fairways hit)
Garmin AutoShot
Auto CourseView updates
Green View with manual pin position
Hazards and course targets
TruSwing compatible
Round timer/odometer

Outdoor Recreation Features
Outdoor recreation profiles include hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, XC skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, rowing, and kayaking
Point-to-point navigation
Bread crumb trail in real time
Back to start
UltraTrac mode
Around Me mode
Elevation profile
Distance to destination
Barometric trend indicator with Storm Alert
ClimbPro ascent planner
Trail run auto climb
Vertical speed
Total ascent/descent
Future elevation plot
Preloaded topographical maps
Downloadable cartography support
Compatible with BaseCampProjected waypoint
Sight 'N Go
Area calculation (via Connect IQ)
Hunt/fish calendar (via Connect IQ)
Sun and moon information (via Connect IQ)
Dual grid coordinates
XERO locations

Cycling Features
Biking, indoor biking profiles, and mountain biking
Bike lap and lap maximum power (with optional power sensor)
Race an activity
Time/distance alerts (triggers alarm when you reach goal)
Cycle map (routable cycling-specific street map)
Compatible with Vector (power meter)
Power meter compatible (displays power data from optional compatible third-party ANT+-enabled power meters)
Advanced Vector support
Compatible with Varia Vision head-mounted display
Compatible with Varia radar (rear-facing radar)
Compatible with Varia lights
Speed and cadence sensor support with optional sensor

Swimming Features
Pool and open-water swimming profiles
Pool swim metrics (lengths, distance, pace, stroke, count/rate, calories)
Stroke type detection (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, or butterfly)
Swim efficiency (SWOLF)
Drill logging
Pool swim workouts
Open-water swim metrics (distance, pace, stroke, count/rate, stoke distance, calories)

  • Forerunner 945 GPS watch
  • 1 extra set bands (black)
  • HRM-Tri™ monitor
  • HRM-Swim™ monitor
  • Quick release kit
  • Charging cable
  • Documentation

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